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SAP aspirants must be planning to under the SAP advanced planner training at one of the reputed platforms. We have come up with the course, that can leverage your professional competence to a great extent. Advanced Planner and Optimizer is one of the SAP modules, that enables a business firm to forecast and enhance the demand and supply network planning accurately. In the competitive business environment, firms need to get real-time updates about the demands of the customers from retailers. We have designed this course, that will keep the professionals tuned to the industry.

Who is it for?

You must note that SAP APO is not an isolated product. It is integrated with SAP ERP, and students undergoing the course can greatly benefit with the advanced skill sets. The advanced planner course has been developed for the SAP end users and IT analysts. People working as a business analyst, SAP MM or PP consultant or demand and planning professionals can greatly benefit from the course. Besides, promising SAP APO consultants will find this course highly relevant.


A general understanding of planning terms
Knowledge of Planning and forecasting.

What you will learn?

APO – BI set-up & Configuration

Create Info-area
Create Characteristic Catalogue
Create Key Figure Catalogue
Create Characteristics and Key Figure as Info Object
Create Info-cube
Create DTP

APO Set-up & Configuratio

Create MPOS
Create Planning Area
Create time bucket and storage bucket profile
Create Planning Book
Create Planning views
Create selection IDs

APO Demand planning Process & Execution

Load Data in Characteristic Attributes
Load data in Info-cube
Create CVC
Load Data in Planning book
Create forecast profiles
Assign Forecast Profiles
Statistical forecasting & various methods
Lifecycle Planning
Promotion Planning
Alerts monitoring
Create Macros and assign to the planning book
Sales history realignment
Process Chain

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